New Little Twig in Our Family Tree Baby Memory Book


  • New Little Twig in Our Family Tree a Forest Theme Baby Memory Book by Carolyn Altman with hand painted and personalized cover of a little forest animals, including a cute cuddly teddy bear floating down on a leaf.

  • 8.5" x 11" or 12"x12" scrapbook style book choice.
  • Choose from book options with Pages 1-34 or Pages 1-64 
  • The pages are designed with lamb and sheep designs.
  • Please note that the ribbon may be a different color, based on ribbon availability at time of your order.  There are a lot of pretty ribbons that can go with this book.  
  • The pages are inserted into plastic sleeves for many years of safe keeping.
  •  The cover is post bound and scrapbook style.     
  • The book has your choice of 36 or 64 pages..... 

    1. Poem 

    2. Name

    ​3. Announcement 

    ​4. News Headlines 

    5. Day of Arrival 

    6. Birth Certificate 

    7. Baby's First Photo, First Home 

    8. Sonograms  

    9. Hospital Keepsakes

    10. Height & Weight Chart 

    11. Identification Marks 

    12. The World as it Was 

    13..Welcome Visitors 

    14. Shower for Baby 

    15. Shower for Baby

    16. Gifts Received

    17 Gifts Received

    18. Cards, and Shower Invitations 

    19. Family Tree 

    20. All About Mommy 

    21. All About Daddy 

    22. Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters

    23. Religious Ceremony 

    24. Early Keepsakes 

    25. Baby's Favorites 

    26. Baby's Firsts 

    27. Other Milestones 

    28. Events to Remember 

    29. First Birthday 

    30. 2nd & 3rd Birthday 

    31. 4th & 5th Birthday 

    32. Teeth Chart 

    33. Extra Photo Page 

    34. First Christmas 

    35. Growing Appetite 

    36. School Days    

    The following are included in the book that has all 64 pages. 

    37. Grandpa 

    38. Grandpa 

    39. Grandma 

    ​40. Grandma 

    41. Second Christmas 

    42. Third Christmas 

    43. Childhood Illnesses & Accidents

    44 .Mommy's Message to Child 

    45. Daddy's Message to Child 

    46..Baby's Achievements 

    47..Baby's Early Travels 

    48. Baby's Sayings and Doings 

    49. Home Coming 

    50. Daily Schedule 

    51. Immunization Records

    52. First Doctor Visit 

    53. Health Page - Blood Type, Etc 

    54. Special Events 

    55. Things I Love to Do 

    56. My Friends and Me 

    59. Special Days with Dad 

    60. Special Days with Mom 

    61. Special Times with Cousins 

    62. Special Times with.Grandparents

    63. Sleepovers 

    64. PhotosEmail me at with questions regarding this or any of my designs.